Interested in what lies beyond the Standard Model, and the next bend in the trail.

I am a theoretical particle physicist working at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). I am interested in all aspects of what lies beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. I have worked on numerous solutions to the hierarchy problem, the search for dark matter (directly, indirectly and at colliders), collider phenomenology and fundamental issues in field theory. You can learn more about my research, and other aspects of my life, through the links above.

Before arriving at Fermilab I was a postdoc in LBNL and UC Santa Cruz, I did my PhD at the University of Washington and my Masters (in Mathematics) at Trinity College, Cambridge. I am currently the Deputy Head of the Theory Division at Fermilab. I am an APS Fellow and a Humboldt Fellow. A more detailed accounting of my academic trajectory can be found in my CV.